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RNOV Shabab Oman (1977) Originally named the Captain Scott, Shabab Oman was built as a standing top-gallant yard schooner by Herd and McKenzie of Buckie, Scotland in 1971. In 1967, Victor Clark and Kurt Hahn had enlisted Prince Philip’s aid in finding sponsorship for a new youth-training ship. Clark then skippered her until 1974. In 1977, the vessel was sold to Sultan Qābūs bin Sa‘īd of Oman and placed under the purview of the Ministry of Youth. Her name was changed to Shabab Oman, which can be translated as “Youth of Oman.” In 1979, she was inducted into the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) as a sail training ship. In 1984, Shabab Oman was refitted as a barquentine.