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Wedding Ceremony (Antat Linto)

As common tradition there are two wedding ceremonies in Aceh. First, Antat Linto and second, Tung Dara Baro.
Antat Linto is a reception/ceremony conducted to welcome the groom to the bride’s house. The wedding reception was held at the bride’s house. Aceh government encourages the Acehnese to preserve the culture particularly in a wedding ceremony. Tradition to perform Aceh traditional dance to welcome the groom/the bride to the house namely Tari Ranup Lampuan.

The welcoming session: the groom’s party handed over Bate Ranup to the bride’s party.

A ritual/tradition called Peusijuk is usually carried out as a reflection of the change of the status.
In general, “the Peusijuk” is a ritual performed to someone/something in Aceh (a bride, groom, a new house) to get the blessing. It’s part of the unique culture of Aceh. A must items for the Peusijuk; a bowl of water, certain leaves and flowers.
The bride’s parents as well as the women (relative, certain guests) would feed the bride to-be with this Aceh traditional culinary (Bue Lekat Kuneng).

The performance of Peusijuk to the groom. The food provided for the bride & the groom. Both would feed to each other (only a small amount of those as a symbolic action). Aceh traditional design, using Dalung to provide the main course.

This room was set for men only (groom’s family & relative). Here, the bride and the groom would sit in a small Pelaminan for at least one hour and then moved to the main Pelaminan in other room until the rest of the day (around 2 or 3 pm).

The main Pelaminan. The traditional one, the combination of red, yellow and green – a typical colored of Aceh.