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Taungoo (Burmese:  MLCTS: taung ngu mrui., pronounced: [tàʊɴŋù mjo̰]; also spelled Toungoo) is a city in the Bago Region of Myanmar, 220 km from Yangon, towards the northeastern end of the division, with mountain ranges to the east and west.

The city Burmese history was the Taungoo Dynasty which ruled the country for over 200 years between the 16th and 18th centuries.

The main industry is in forestry products, with teak and other hardwoods extracted from the mountains.

The city is known for its areca palms, to the extent that a Burmese proverb for
unexpected good fortune is equated to a “betel lover winning a trip to Taungoo”.

The best-known member of the areca palms genus is A. catechu, the areca nut palm.
Several species of areca nuts, known for their bitter and tangy taste, raw or dried, are routinely used for chewing, especially in combination with the leaves of betel, and dried leaves of tobacco which is root cause of oral cancer being carcinogenic, and calcium hydroxide (lime).