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Mental Development is a personal experience.
It does not matter if you are Buddhist, Christian, Jewish or Moslem.
Nor is it important what nationality or color you are, since each person in the world is longing for a better life.

The Insight Meditation technique taught here is a way to prepare a path to a better, peaceful life through clear understanding about oneself.
‘Meditation’ is the best word in English for the concept of Mental Development.

There are two kinds of meditation:
– Tranquil, or Samatha, Meditation, which develops concentration (Samadhi) on one object to help calm the mind.
– Insight, or Vipassana, Meditation, which develops self-understanding through Mindfulness Training.

The Teaching and Practice at Wat Tapotaram (Rampoeng) is based on the
Four Foundations of Mindfulness:

1. Contemplation of the Body
2. Contemplation of the Feelings
3. Contemplation of the Mind (Thought)
4. Contemplation of Objects of the Mind

During the meditation it is wise to do no
listening to music
Before or after your meditation training you might want to get a better understanding of Buddhism.